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Girl by the Sea

Poetry & Prose

Poem - The Bricklayers Daughter

Lesley isn’t restricted to writing songs. She a prolific writer and is always scribbling something down.


The Bricklayers Daughter started out as a series of titles on a page and has grown into a small volume of poetry. Lesley is now creating songs from the poetry to accompany the poetry so watch this space.

The Bricklayers Daughter.jpg

Story - Seraphina, The Angel Princess Who Fell Down To Earth

This is children’s story and musical about the power of positive thought. When an angel falls to the earth she has to enlist the help of a young girl from a disfunctional family to gain enough wind power to propel herself back safely to her cloud.


The Beginning... 

Seraphina was perfectly happy. She was extremely comfortable and content in her home on the fifth fluffy cloud on the left side of the Universe. She was continually humming and singing as she went about her work. It was an important job giving flowers their smell and she was always experimenting and testing. At six-hundred and forty-two years old, Seraphina was quite young to have got the job and had beaten many other angels to get it. She had left the Temple of Learning last century and had been working in the flower library until two years ego - already a very fitting job for a little angel from the fourth heaven - sorting out all the books. When she saw this job advertised she went for it and was thrilled to have been chosen ahead of all the others. Seraphina loved all flowers, but was particularly fond of roses. "I even love dandelions," she said to herself ... 

Miss Crumple Clothes by Lesley Curtis

Poem - Whale


Poem - Fare Thee Well

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My Approach
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