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Shock Delayed, Naked, Looking for the Girl, Little White Lies.

Shock Delayed - £5.00

This album of 10 songs with a secret track on the end is an eclectic mix of explorative song writing by Lesley. Recorded in studios in Peterborough, it spans rock and pop with a hint of folk and country, the forerunner for her next few albums.

Naked - £10.00
Recorded with the Lesley Curtis Band a wonderful team of musicians, this album reflects Lesley burgeoning interest and growing skill in songwriting in country music whilst still retaining a rock edge.

Looking For the Girl - £10.00

This is an out and out country album and includes a Nashville collaboration. Again, recorded with her band and featuring fiddle player Tom Kitching, this includes her first collaboration with songwriter Stuart Mcleod.

Little White Lies - £10.00

This album is the first from the collaboration of Lesley Curtis and Stuart Mcleod known as – ‘Oakleas Rise’. Recorded at Saltwell Studios with Chris Pepper, this marks a change from the eclectic mix of songwriting that precludes this album to a definite country rock/Celtic folk feel.

LWL Cover.jpg

All music can be purchased on CD format using the Paypal links above or downloaded at

Song Writing Sessions

Lesley offers collaborative song writing sessions and her ‘Song For You’ service. Please contact her for details.



Lesley was commissioned to create jingles for various podcast projects.

For CAT a public relations and media personality.‘Celebrating Spirit’ - for Nicola Tonsager, a renowned Teacher, Medium and Author.

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