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Spirit & Sound

Meditation, Sound Healing, Relaxation, Spiritual Well-Being, Trance Channelling, Voicework

One-On-One Meditation with Sound Session

For deep relaxation and spiritual well-being. Lesley uses an inspired  meditation to relax you, then uses a mix of instruments including singing bowls, flutes, chimes and drums coupled with her unique vibrational voice resonance to rebalance inner energies and facilitate a space for healing to occur. 


Cost: £40

60 - 75 minutes

One-On-One Meditation with Sound & Trance Channelled Healing Session

This session includes meditation with sound as above but in addition, during the session Lesley will place herself in an Altered State of Consciousness - known as Trance - with the object of communicating with her Circle of Guides and will directly channel healing to you.

Any spoken guidance given during the session will be relayed to the client at a later date. 

Cost: £60

90 - 120 minutes.

One-On-One Half -Day Individual Sound Pamper Session

Includes Meditation with Sound and Trance Channelled Healing, with the addition of a Voice Reconnection Session and Angelic Vibrational Re-calibration. 

This half day session also includes a light lunch. 


Cost: £80

4 hours



I recently had the pleasure of receiving one of Lesley’s sound healing sessions. I wondered what to expect at my appointment, however I was very quickly made to feel comfortable, relaxed and her lovely energy made me feel soothed and comfortable.The use of combination of voice and instrument created a penetrating vibration, which touched the soul. Flowing all around the body, opening and balancing as it passed through the energy centres. I felt various sensations as it did so, such as patchy temperature changes, sudden flows/movement. As  It moved through the heart it stirred the emotions, causing some memories to come flooding back unexpectedly. The voice channelling made me feel very special, loved. Having a private audience with some wise spiritual being, who brought through words of guidance for my own personal journey.  Words that I need to listen to and follow! During the whole process I felt as if I was being wrapped in a healing blanket, and felt patches of warmth from the back. It was truly an experience not to be missed, full of unconditional love, guidance and re balancing. Thank you for the opportunity of receiving this beautiful experience, highly recommend that you give it a try. 




I can honestly say the session was amazing and it  had an enormous impact on me. When I arrived I was aware of having a very heavy feeling in my heart and a sore throat. I had been struggling with  low mood and was feeling quite despondent. After the session I felt immediately lighter as if a weight had been lifted off my chest and I am pleased to say this positive attitude had continued. The room was perfect and I enjoyed the use of the musical instruments but I had the biggest shift I think from your voice. I have and will continue to recommend your unique sessiond. Thank you for the manuscript it is amazing that I remember everything you said when reading it again but wouldn't have been able to tell you what was said. 


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